The Goblinz studios were founded in Paris in 1999.

The first project City States: Stone to Steel while receiving tremendous coverage, being (way) too ambitious, ultimately almost sunk our small and unexperienced team.
To survive we moved to casual games and have released a few obscure titles, such as Beads, Temple of Bricks, Lucky Flower and Fashion Fortune. While some of those titles were met with some success, mostly we were going nowhere.

Finally, having run out of money, Dimmie sold his car and decided to try something every publisher told us not to – write a game with a complex (and scary) story and a lot of text. Up until the day before the release we were told by the producers how the game will be a flop…
Mystery Valley ended up being one of the most successful HOPA games of the year and paved the way for an entire horror sub-genre.

High on our success we started work on the True Fear: Forsaken Souls series. The trilogy, while met with both gamers and critics acclaim, was plagued by management problems which have set us back several years, puting (way) more ambitious projects on hold…
Currently we are picking up speed finishing the True Fear trilogy and restarting a few new ones.

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