Still alive. Going full “Dimmie” again.
March 12 2019

True Fear: Forsaken Souls was originally planned to have two endings with the player choosing theirs. However, when Part 1 was released, a lot of content was cut by the publisher – some scenes were too dark, some symbols deemed offensive for some religious groups (pentagrams for example) and, most importantly, a layer of the story was considered too mature.

The deleted part of the story would have made very difficult to understand the second ending and for some time we have given up on it. However recently Dimmie assembled all the bits and pieces and has decided to make an extra episode that would explain the “second layer” of the story. As usual, once Dimmie got ahold of the project, it spiralled out of control and now we are looking at a game almost as long as Part 1.

We will publish more details as we get closer to finishing this “Extra Episode”, somewhere this December.